“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things” Henry Miller

That quote sums up our traveling experience. Along the way we’ve had great experiences and some rough ones, met inspiring people and some not so much. We’ve explored some of the world’s famous sites and packed deep into remote wilderness areas. While traveling we’ve been amazed, thrilled, scared, happy, sad, hot, cold, mad, bored, tired, ecstatic . . . but the thing we notice above all is how our perceptions of people, places and things change as we experience more of them.

Our website is simple, . . . on purpose. We report first-hand travel experiences and offer travel tips based on them – that’s it. We have a blogroll in our sidebar that links you to other travel websites that we think are very good and provide things like country and cost guides, specialty tours and more. But here at Imagine Travel Discover we keep it simple. Here’s what you’ll find here:


ABOUT US: Meet the operators of imaginetraveldiscover.com, Bob and Sonia, with some history about how we met, started traveling, blogging and where we’re going next.

TRIP REPORTS: Here we post relatively conventional trip reports, . . . with a twist. We explore some of the world’s famous places and other places you may have never heard of but we always immerse ourselves in the local culture.

THE WILD SIDE: This section is reserved for our more adventurous trips; multi-day treks into the wilderness, sea kayaking, exploring the outback; places that Herman Melville described as, “not set down on any map, true places never are.”

NORTH AMERICA BY RV:  In April of 2017 we traded in our backpacks for a pickup truck and a fifth-wheel travel trailer to explore North America from Alaska to Baja California,  except; the trailer is also our home – we live in it full-time and our address is wherever we are at the time.

CURRENT TRAVELS:  A companion page to our Monthly Reports, here we post more detailed articles on where we are now.

THIS MONTH’S REPORT: Our monthly, one-page newsletter summarizing our travels and written along our theme of Imagining, Traveling and Discovering.

TRAVEL TIPS: We’ve made our mistakes – and learned from them. So, we developed our Travel Tips section to advise other travelers based on our first-hand experiences.

VIDEOS: As the title suggests this section provides videos we’ve taken of some of our favorite experiences.

CONTACT US: Either directly by e-mail or through comments on our website we hope you write to us. We like to hear from other travelers and are happy to answer questions.

So please have a look around our site. Ask us questions, leave a comment or just say hi through our Contact Us page. Whether a seasoned traveler or just planning your first trip maybe we’ll see you along the way.

Buen Viaje,

Sonia & Bob

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