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Packing for the Wilderness

Backpacking, wild camping, wilderness trekking – whatever you call it I mean multi-day hiking and camping trips into the wilderness carrying all the gear, clothes and food you’ll need to survive in a backpack. In the United States, particularly in the western U. S., there are millions of acres of wilderness to explore. This article describes the gear for backpacking in temperate conditions, not winter camping, glacier travel, rock climbing or other activities that require specialized gear and skills beyond those needed for hiking into the wilderness. Continue reading

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June 2014 – Seattle’s Funky Fremont Fair

Funky; adjective \ˈfəŋ-kē\ Eclectic, off-beat or counter-culture event, people or music with an earthy unsophisticated style and feeling.

Seattle is a sophisticated city, but it’s also known for its funky side. Neighborhoods like Georgetown centered by its hippy trailer park, West Seattle’s beach front, Ballard and its street buskers and bars, but the Fremont District; . . . well Fremont must be the funkiest of all with its annual Summer Solstice Street Fair – and we wouldn’t miss it. Continue reading

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June 2014 – Sea Kayaking in Puget Sound

It’s June 1st and good weather is finally breaking out across the Pacific Northwest – time to go sea kayaking. So, we reserved a one and a half hour tour with Whidbey Kayaking Company at the boutique town of Langley on Whidbey Island hoping for sun, whales, seals and eagles. We were rewarded with everything except the gray whales which had migrated north a few weeks previous. Continue reading

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