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Backpacking Washington State’s Wild Pacific Coast

There are 1,300 miles of Pacific coastline stretching from Mexico to Canada in the states of California, Oregon and Washington. It’s a magnificent coast and gets wilder and wilder the further north you go culminating in the last 73 miles within Olympic National Park where the coast becomes a wilderness with no roads, stores, houses – just eagles, tide pools and remote ocean-side camps. My favorite part is the South Coast Wilderness out of La Push, Washington. It’s hikable all year, but winters are stormy, cold and wet. Continue reading

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July 2014 – A Day in the Mountains – Lake Serene

Lake Serene. If I had just one day to show a visitor the backcountry of the Cascade Mountains, Lake Serene would be near the top of the list. It has everything the Cascades has to offer, yet it’s only a 40-minute drive out of Everett, and Everett itself only 25-minutes north of Seattle. Yep, Lake Serene has everything; except solitude that is. Lake Serene is no secret and it’s best to hike in early to beat the crowds. Continue reading

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July 2014 – It’s Legal! The Grand Opening of Recreational Marijuana in Seattle

Legal marijuana.  It still sounds strange. DSC04152
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