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September 2014 – Sailing the Salish Sea

Today we will sail into the Salish Sea; the intricate network of deep salt water passages through the islands between Canada and Washington State’s Puget Sound north of Seattle. We’ll travel aboard the wooden sailing ship, Spike Africa, named for the legendary sailing ship captain of the same name. She’s a classic 62-foot schooner, double-masted, sleek, bright and beautiful. We’ll be sailing near San Juan Island, the largest island in the archipelago spread between Canada and Washington State with the snow-capped Cascade Mountains forming the background to the forested islands. Continue reading

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How (and Why) We Started Blogging

Since launching ImagineTravelDiscover in April 2014 we’ve received many comments asking how we started blogging, what platform we use, how to start writing, how we manage spam attacks, what it costs, how much time it takes and a number of other blogging related questions. But the first question to ask is why start a blog at all? Continue reading

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September 2014 – Dia de la Independencia; Viva Mexico!

Sonia was borne in Mexico and I spent much of my childhood there. So, our connections to Mexico are strong and no matter where we are, every September 15th we do something to celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spain. Continue reading

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Volcanoes, Lakes, Glaciers and Sea Lions; Washington’s Cascades and Islands

Our friends Brice and Aline stayed with us in August and September with wilderness backpacking and sea kayaking high on the priority list of things to do. So, we prepared for three backbacking trips and a day of sea kayaking starting with a strenuous trek into the glaciated peaks of the North Cascades (see A Tough Trip Through Paradise in What’s New). After that we backpacked into Mt Baker, at almost 11,000 feet elevation it’s the most heavily glaciated mountain in the United States outside of Alaska. We kayaked into the deep water of Possession Sound off of Whidbey Island north of Seattle seeing sea lions, porpoise and eagles, and finished with a short, but strenuous overnight trip to Rampart Lakes high in the mountains overlooking Snoqualmie Pass, the main highway from the east into Seattle. Continue reading

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September 2014 – A Tough Trip Through Paradise; Snowking Mountain

Tough Trip Through Paradise; I borrowed the title of Andrew Garcia’s classic book documenting his travels through the old wild west to describe our backpack trip up to Kindy Ridge, a lonely rocky highland next to glacier-covered Snowking Mountain deep in Washington State’s North Cascade Mountains. You won’t find Kindy Ridge mentioned in many guidebooks or backpacker’s trip reports. Mountaineers know of it as an access route to climb Snowking and the “trail” is an unmarked, unmaintained steep goat track kicked into the mountainside by climbers’ boots. No doubt, it is a tough trip, but it’s paradise once you finally arrive. Continue reading

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Magical Chiapas; Palenque, San Cristobal and Beyond

Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state bordering on Guatemala, is a magical place. Jungles and rivers give way to pine covered mountains. Waterfalls pour out of thick forests, ancient Mayan ruins lay deep in forests prowled by jaguars, remote colonial cities reflect early Spanish life in the New World while one third of the population retains their Mayan heritage and speak Mayan as their first language instead of Spanish. There are various indigenous groups across the state; Mixes, Chiapa and various Mayan groups (Tzotzil, Lacandon, Tzeltal). Each retains their individual customs, clothes and towns. The whole place is endlessly fascinating. Continue reading

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