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Uniquely Northwest; Special Places and Events, Washington State and Oregon

The Great Pacific Northwest, . . . Seattle, “Portlandia” rain forests, glacier-covered volcanoes, salmon, coffee and, . . . rain.  Less known is that the Cascade Mountains running north to south through both states divide Oregon and Washington into a dry “east side” and the wetter “west side.”  And, despite its reputation for rain, the west side has a nice summer while the east side gets downright hot.  But on either side of the mountains there are places and events rooted in the traditions of the Pacific Northwest to explore throughout the year. Continue reading

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October 2014 – Seattle; Historic Flight in Airplane City

Seattle; home to the Space Needle, Puget Sound, Mount Rainier , the Seahawks Super Bowl champions and, . . . airplanes. Continue reading

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October 2014 – One last Time; Back Into the Wilderness

It’s early October, the rains have started in the Pacific Northwest, but my partner John wants to bag one last backpacking trip into the wilderness before winter sets in. This one would be into the wilderness surrounding Glacier Peak, the most remote of Washington State’s major glacier-clad volcanoes. Continue reading

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