January 2015 – A Day in Seattle

Sometimes on the weekend when we don’t have anything else planned we drive into Seattle, explore a new neighborhood or re-visit one of our favorites. We usually don’t have any specific goal in mind, just explore the city. This dark, January day we decided to go downtown.

It’s only half an hour to downtown Seattle from our home north of the city, when the traffic is low – and we only go when the traffic is low. Downtown is an area we know well and we easily found parking below Pike Place Market. We walked up the steep hills from the market into downtown, Sonia buying a badly needed umbrella – a heavy duty Seattle type.

Then back to Pike Street Market. It’s touristy, but we love it and the markets there sell excellent fresh fish and vegetables. We walked by the original Starbucks coffee shop to my favorite stop; a small stand selling freshly cooked mini-doughnuts. I faithfully observed the “God knows when you don’t tip” jar on the counter.

But its lunch time and we decided to go to another favorite stop, our favorite dim sum restaurant in the International District near Pioneer Square. We were seated immediately in the Honey Court, unusual as the place is usually mobbed with Chinese families. We selected our baskets of dim sum from the carts that were being rolled up and down the aisles; shrimp in rice wraps, miniature pork ribs and a plate of steamed Chinese broccoli dripping in soy sauce. I was tempted by the geoduck advertised on the wall (gooey duck, a very large clam harvested in the Pacific Northwest), but settled for the dim sum instead. I like geoduck and have had it here before, but it would be too big a meal. the dim sum was excellent as usual.

After lunch we stopped by a local Chinese bakery and picked up a couple of red bean pastries for later.
And that was it. We’ve learned that every trip doesn’t have to be a journey to a remote, exotic place. We find plenty of adventure near home and sometimes the little trips are the best ones.

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