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Springtime in the Cascade Mountains – at last! And while we’ve been imagining our future travel plans we had an epiphany. We aren’t leaving on world-wide travel in 2016 as we had been planning. Instead we’re staying in Mukilteo; here on the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains, and we’re happy about it.

We had been planning for years to take off for indefinite world travel, but in the past few months we’ve been worrying about leaving next year. We’re both happy here and the plan to leave next year seemed forced and artificial. Basically, we just weren’t ready to sell off our home and belongings to start a nomadic life around the world – not just yet anyway.

What happened? A lot of things did. We talked about it all weekend and realized that everything changes and, since we started planning world travel years ago, we’ve changed. The more we talked, the more we realized that selling our home and belongings for indefinite long term travel in 2016 just didn’t fit our plans anymore – at least not now. We’ll still travel; even more than previously since we now have more free time available to us for various reasons. But until we decide we’re ready for the next phase of life; whether that be taking up a nomadic life wandering around the world, re-locating to Mexico, or something else, we’ll take shorter multi-week or month long excursions outside of the country while using our shorter times to explore more of the United States, especially that special region called the Great Pacific Northwest.


Now that we’ve decided to remain located in Mukilteo we’ll be exploring deeper into the mountains, forests, canyons, islands and ocean of the Great Pacific Northwest. But we’ll also be taking multi-week or month-long trips to South America, France and Mexico. And we’ll be traveling more extensively throughout the United States hoping to reach New York and Louisiana this year in addition to seeing more of Washington State, Oregon and California.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ll be at Oregon’s Country fair in July, the oldest hippy fair in the world. In June we’ll be exploring more of Hell’s Canyon in remote eastern Oregon and throughout summer and into fall we’ll be packing deep into the wildernesses of Washington’s Cascade mountain range and sea kayaking through the San Juan Islands north of Seattle looking for orca whales.

Yep, 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year.


We discovered it’s a relief to release ourselves from our self-imposed schedule; that we don’t have to stick with plans that don’t suite our lifestyle at this point. We had spent the last few years orienting our whole life towards leaving next year and now we’ve given ourselves a break and instead of rigidly planning our departure, we’ve changed to a more flexible schedule to take it year by year from here on and when we decide it’s the best time for us to sell off and move on, we will. We’re just too happy here to leave just now.

Meanwhile we’ll do things we’ve been postponing or denying ourselves in order to save for leaving next year. We’ll equip ourselves with sea kayaks and updated camping gear. We’ll replace my 30-year old truck with a new one equipped for wilderness camping. We’ll invest in a few more expensive trips like wilderness river adventures and trips to Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. And all the while we’ll be saving for our eventual life of full-time travel.

So keep posted on upcoming trip reports. And there’re gonna be some good ones.

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