May 2015 Newletter



Summer’s coming. May is giving way to June in America’s Great Pacific Northwest with more sunny days, less rain, springtime temperatures. The flowers are up, snow level in the mountains rising, and it’s time to start imagining our summer travel plans.

Last month we reported how we realized that we had locked ourselves into a rigid plan; to sell our home and belongings and start a nomadic life of world-side travel next year. But we realized such a rigid plan was just as limiting as we thought our routine lives had become; that the plan itself was stressing us out and it just didn’t fit our current lives. So, we changed the plan. Now we imagine our future as much more flexible. We still might sell all our “stuff” and start traveling next year, or we may stay where we are a bit longer. We may eventually re-locate to Mexico or elsewhere, or, maybe not. We’re still considering it all, but meanwhile there’s a lot of living to do right here, right now. As John Lennon said, “life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” So, while we’ll continue planning for long-term travel, that’s still a passion for us both, we’ll see what the future brings – a sign always comes in one form or another. We just need to remain open and aware to receive it when it does.


Our travels will be mostly in America’s Pacific Northwest this year. We just spent a relaxing Memorial Day holiday in the Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon which reminded us how spectacularly beautiful that area is. Later we’ll be sea kayaking around Washington’s San Juan Islands, backpacking into the wilderness of the North Cascade Mountains and going to festivals and events around the Pacific Northwest. But we’ll also be experimenting with new travel styles and adventures to see what works for us and what doesn’t. For example we bought a large, car-camping tent to explore the outback of Washington and Oregon (into the wilderness, but in comfort). We’re booking a sailing cruise in Washington’s San Juan Islands (we might want to get our sailing certificates so that we can rent sailboats later when we travel abroad – we’ll see).

As for extended trips; we’ve booked our flights to New York in October to see my new great nephews, nieces, brother and sister-in-law after which we’ll fly on to Xalapa Mexico on an exploratory trip to further investigate if we might eventually re-locate there (we’ve been there before). Later, we’re thinking about meeting friends in France or in Peru to hike into Machu Picchu and we’re hoping to take one of our nieces in Mexico to Baja California to see the whales there.


Lately we’ve been discovering the little adventures close to home. Over our Memorial Day excursion to the Wallowa Mountains stopped in the Tri-Cities in eastern Washington where we used to live and saw old friends. It was great to see them and we re-connected old friendships. But, we were both relieved to be free of nostalgia – even driving by our old home didn’t trigger any longing to return. A healthy sign I think.

Meanwhile I’m meeting people from all over the world through my volunteer tutoring at the local college’s English as a Second Language program, making new friends from Iraq, Columbia, Mexico and Chile. Sonia is meeting people from around the world at her work too and it’s all fascinating while at the same time we’re building contacts for our eventual travels.

Yep – there’s a lot of imagining, traveling and discovering to do right her, right now.

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