June 2015, Monthly Newsletter



June arrived in the Pacific Northwest with unusually warm and sunny days. East of the Cascade Mountains temperatures topped 100 while Seattle heated up to the mid-eighties, hot by western Washington standards.

But our travel plans were interrupted just as good weather started with twin injuries (and subsequent surgeries to fix them). First I tore the meniscus in my left knee while running through the trails in the forest behind our house and then surgery to repair the damaged joint. Just as I was healing from that I tore the bicep muscle loose in my right arm while carrying some doors into a house. That required another surgery to re-attach the muscle to the bone. I‘m writing now with my left hand; the right arm still in a cast from the surgery.

But that hasn’t dampened our imagination for travel, local and foreign. We heard from our friends in France – they will visit us in August and we’re already planning backpacking and sea kayaking trips with them (although they may have to carry some of my load – my arm will take months to fully heal).
And we booked our flights to New York in October (to visit family) and from there to Veracruz Mexico to check out some possible re-location areas. Our thoughts are once again turning towards long-term travel and possibly re-locating to Mexico.


Our travels have been in Washington State this month; Seattle, Whidbey Island, and local areas. Reminds us of what a beautiful and diverse area we live in with a fun big city just a ½ hour drive south, but the wildernesses of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains close by and the open waters of Puget Sound running through it all.

We bought a large “car camping” tent and an inexpensive tandem sea kayak to explore more of the local areas around us. For example, there is a series of marine camps on the islands throughout Puget Sound with “boat-in only” camping areas that we could access with the kayak and some excellent areas to “car camp” in the wilderness of the Cascade Mountains. But those will have to wait until fall when my arm has healed enough to paddle and hike.


We’ve further considered what is important to us, and long-term international travel keeps coming out on top. It’s more than the excitement of discovering new places; its experiencing new cultures, foods, sights and smells. We know how travel can re-invigorate our attitudes and outlook – how we come to see even the familiar with new eyes. We’ve re-discovered our thirst for exploration and once again are considering when to start long-term, open ended travel – maybe next year – we’ll see.

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