October 2015; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; October 2015:

This month; thinking about traveling, planning travel, and taking a trip to New York and Mexico. Every time we travel, either locally or internationally, we realize how experiencing new places, people and things sparks the imagination. It keeps us fresh.


We spent the better part of October traveling; first to New York, then to the cloud forests of Veracruz, Mexico. We visited family in Morristown, New Jersey where we toured the Ford Mansion where George Washington spent a brutally cold winter during the Revolutionary War. In New York we toured the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Ground Zero memorial; a somber yet dignified place where the footprints of the twin towers have been converted into simple and elegant waterfalls.

In Mexico we flew into Mexico City and then took the five hour bus ride to Xalapa, Veracruz the capital of the state. From there we visited the colonial small cities of Coatepec and Xico, checking into land prices and living costs. We were pleasantly surprised at the affordability of land, but the climate was wet and humid. We went a fandango (traditional festival of music and dance) and spent a couple nights near the tiny town of Jalcamulco on the nearby Rio Pescados.

We finished up in Mexico City for a couple days staying in our favorite little hotel, the Casa Gonzalez. We walked our legs off exploring the historical center touring the government palace, national cathedral and the museum of popular art (my favorite). We found a restaurant with live mariachis where we sang along with the music and had a fine meal of cabrito (baby goat). I’m not a big fan of big cities, but Mexico City is fun and has something for everyone.


We’ve re-discovered how traveling, near and far, stimulates us. Experiences don’t need to be big; we had fun playing with my great nephews in New Jersey, eating pizza at Lombardi’s in New York City, finding an obscure artists’ colony in the middle of Xalapa Mexico, and finding all sorts of interesting places in Mexico City.
Sonia’s back at work while I’ve returned to tutoring immigrants and refugees in English at the local community college. Meanwhile we go sea kayaking in Puget Sound or hiking in the Cascade Mountains whenever a break in the rainy winter weather permits. It’s all good.

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