November 2015; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; November 2015:


For us, November is summed up in a word; Thanksgiving. It’s our favorite holiday, free from the frenetic commercialization of Christmas, no religious, political or nationalistic cause to honor. We take it as just a day of feasting and thanks, a simple harvest-time celebration with friends at the beginning of the long, dark winter. And this year was no exception with turkey, cranberry sauce and a house full of friends.


Our traveling in November was local. We went to an outstanding flamenco show in Seattle with performers from Madrid, went sea kayaking around Puget Sound, took hikes into local mountains and forests as snow levels lowered and lowered. Even in winter the Pacific Northwest is a special place.


In November we tried something new – Couchsurfing. Although we’ve been members for a couple years, we hadn’t been active in it. So, we attended a potluck dinner in Seattle with local Couchsurfing hosts and a few travelers in order to see what it is all about. We were pleasantly surprised by the friendly hosts and travelers we met, most in their twenties and thirties, but well-travelled and interesting. It was refreshing to be with so many young people out there traveling around and discovering new places and people.

Since then we’ve upgraded our Couchsurfing membership to being hosts; available for having travelers stay in our house for a night or two or just showing travelers around Seattle. Who knows? When we start international travel we may become couch surfers ourselves.

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