December 2015; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; December 2015


Ring out 2015 and enter 2016. And, we’re imagining our travel plans for the upcoming year. We’re still planning for departure to South America early next spring, but that could happen sooner depending on how we feel as we enter 2016. In the meantime, there’s lots to see and do in the Great Pacific Northwest and we already have backpacking trips, sea kayaking and festivals lined up for the year.


Finished up the year 2015 by spending Christmas in Mexico. No, not the sunny beaches along the Caribbean; rather the high deserts and mountains of north central Mexico. We visited family and friends in the city of Chihuahua; capital of the state of the same name. Instead of hot tropical sun we had freezing temperatures at night and a little snow, but we had a great time and came home full of homemade tamales and good memories. Next Christmas we are considering a camping/adventure excursion to the central Baja Peninsula to see the annual gray whale migration and just to hang out in the outback of the Baja Peninsula.


Our trip to Chihuahua seemed to evaporate any lingering doubts we had about setting off for world travel next spring (2017) and even got us thinking about leaving earlier. We discovered that we are ready to go and any fears we had about selling off our things and heading out into the world with a backpack melted away like the snow in springtime. Sometimes things just come together on their own accord and become obvious, and that’s what seemed to have happened to us.

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