January 2016, Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; January 2016


As 2016 starts we begin final preparations for long term travel in 2017. Bob completed the classroom portion of his TESOL certificate course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and will complete the online portion in February.

Meanwhile he continued to tutor students at our local college’s English as a Second Language program (ESL). The TESOL certificate plus the tutoring experience will give us solid credentials for teaching English anywhere in the world if we choose to supplement our travel budget in that way. Sonia continues to work while directing savings into our travel account. We aren’t sure where we’ll end up once we start travelling, but we’ll have a solid start.

Between work and school our travels in January were limited to local excursions; visiting Seattle and friends.


Preparing for long-term travel brought up a lot of fear for us throughout 2015 which we discussed in earlier newsletters. We went through a process of examining our fears and realized most were phantoms. We’re not rich, but have saved enough to sustain budget-style travel. We’re getting older, but still in good health, don’t have any kids and have traveled together extensively. We’ve always been willing to take some risk so it isn’t that. Finally we discovered that all our fears all boiled down to this; we’ll be selling off our house when we leave, so we’ll leaving the security of a place to call home – a place to return to.

The process of discovering what our fear actually is didn’t make it go away entirely, it’s a legitimate fear, but clearly identifying it makes it manageable. Clearly identifying our fears gave us options: we could choose not to travel as extensively, or not travel at all. But, we decided we were ready to let go and explore the world; at least for a while, and while we still can. We know that we will eventually settle down again and have made preparations for that too. More importantly, we discovered that through careful consideration we can identify our fears and, by facing them directly and honestly, either prevent them from paralyzing us or make other plans. It’s odd how we often don’t realize what it is that we’re really afraid of until we carefully examine it.

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