March 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; March 2016


In February we reported on the Perfect Storm hitting us (in a good way). Since then, within just a few weeks, we sold our house, Sonia established her final date for work and we’ve taken the first, big step into a life of long-term travel. We leave at the end of May.


We’ve already started our travels around the Pacific Northwest starting with short trips; a visit to Olympia, Washington’s quirky state capitol, and a day of sea kayaking out into the big salt water of the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

As summer starts and Sonia finishes her work life we’ll extend our explorations throughout the Pacific Northwest and maybe Alaska or on into Mexico. In the fall we plan swing through Utah’s canyon lands and have Thanksgiving with friends in New Mexico, then Christmas with family and friends in Mexico. After that, we still plan to tour through South America, but we now have so many options that we haven’t decided yet. It will be an adventure no matter what.


We’ve discovered a lot through taking actions towards a nomadic life-style; selling a house we love and almost everything we own and preparing to leave a place as beautiful as Mukilteo. For those that say a house is just a house and personal belongings are just pieces of wood and plastic I can say this; it isn’t that easy to let go of the sanctuary of your home and those pieces of plastic and wood have rich memories. Yes, your possessions can trap you, that’s true, but I wouldn’t dismiss letting go of things so casually. The trick for us is to keep our passions and dreams in focus, and for us that’s seeing more of the world while we still can, so we’re letting go anyway.

We had to go through a process of letting go and we understand those that just can’t do that. There’s nothing wrong with loving where you live and cherishing the things you’ve collected over a lifetime. But for us we’re finding it easier and easier to let it all go and move towards o to a new lifestyle; a new phase of our lives actually. We’ll eventually settle down again and we’ll always remember the time that we lived in Mukilteo. But for now, with eyes forward, we’re close to heading out and we’re more excited than ever.

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