April 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; April 2016:


When people ask us what we’re doing next we’ve taken to saying, “we don’t have a plan and we’re sticking to it.” Actually we do have a plan of sorts, it’s just very fluid. What we do know is that on May 20th we’ll start a nomadic life of long-term travel. It’s just that we have so many choices now it’s almost overwhelming.


On the afternoon of May 20th we’ll switch from full-time employment and living in a 2,000 square foot home to full-time retirement and living out of a carry-on backpack. Since that is such a sudden and dramatic change we decided to soften the transition by decompressing in an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for a couple weeks.
After that things get more fluid. At this point we plan on returning from Vallarta to Seattle, picking up our only remaining vehicle (a 1993 Oldsmobile) and road-tripping to central Mexico visiting the California coast and the Rocky Mountains along the way. After that we’ll either store the car at a friend’s house in Mexico or sell it and travel on to Cuba and then South America – at least that today’s plan.


We’ve found it easier and easier to let go of our “stuff.” The more we downsize, the easier it gets. Our house is sold (although we rented it back from the new owners until Sonia finishes work on May 20th). We’ve sold or given away almost all of our things except for some special items that we’ll keep in a small storage unit.

But there’s still a lot to plan out when preparing for living without a home base. Thankfully the internet makes it all possible. We’ve set up systems to adapt to a nomadic lifestyle; a mailing service that posts our incoming snail-mail online, international health insurance, remote banking, secure cloud storage to keep sensitive records protected yet accessible.

The main thing we’ve discovered is that we are excited, a little scared, and ready to go. It’s a whole new phase of life and, despite all the unknowns, we’re ready to embrace it.

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2 thoughts on “April 2016; Monthly Newsletter

  1. Bon Voyage! I was recently reading about the difficulties of checking into Mexico with a car and then trying to leave without it.This may make that one decision easier.

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