June 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; June 2016:


We spent June road-tripping across the western United States in our old 1993 Oldsmobile.  That was an adventure in itself which we’ll soon report on in our Trip Reports.  As for imagining; the long days and nights camping in the mountains or staying in small-town budget hotels gave us lots of time for that.

As we rolled along through the deserts, canyons and mountains we considered our “new life” as nomads.  What occupied our time the most was reviewing our plans; should we travel on to South America or should we invest in a truck and travel trailer to explore North America, Alaska to Mexico.

We’ll be in Chihuahua Mexico all of July where we’ll plan out the South American leg in more detail.  Based on that research we’ll decide which we want to do.


After selling off our house and most of our belongings in May we spent two weeks in Puerto Vallarta Mexico relaxing in a resort.  But in June we were on-the-road; driving from Seattle to Santa Fe through the deserts, mountains and canyons of the western U.S.  I had forgotten how beautiful the Rocky Mountain West was; the snow lingering in the high country, hiking though empty canyon lands, the pungent smell of sage and wet earth in the desert after a rain.  

And this road trip was just a taste.  We’ll be back to spend weeks, months, maybe years packing into the canyon lands of Utah, rafting the wild rivers of Colorado, and getting lost in the high deserts of eastern Oregon.  But first we still plan on backpacking up the Pacific coast of South America; unless the call of the Wild American West gets the better of us before that.


We’re just a little over one month on the road; just one month since transitioning from full-time jobs and a comfortable home to drifting through the world with no permanent destination.  And, already we’ve discovered a lot.  Strangely, we found we didn’t miss Mukilteo Washington and our home there.  We still think it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but we just don’t miss it.

Secondly, we are surprised how easily we’ve slipped into “travel mode.”  Despite the inconveniences and discomfort of constant travel, we’ve adopted a rhythm of moving more slowly and with more intention.  We talk to each other less, but say more when we speak.

Thirdly, we’re finding how little we really need to live day-to-day.  We knew from previous travels to pack light and for this trip we each took only a carry-on size backpack plus a small daypack each.  Those are packed with everything we will need to live for the rest of the year; tablet computers, clothes, toiletries, shoes, coats.  And now we’re finding that even that is too much.  Even more, we’re finding we don’t even WANT all that stuff.  When we pack for South America we’ll be dumping a lot of “stuff.” 













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