July 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; July 2016


We’re late posting our July monthly report.  Between traveling, intermittent WiFi, access and computer problems we’re just getting back online.  And as for imagining, well; we’re planning our travels to South America and wondering what that will be like.  We’ve discovered Airbnb, a world-wide network of people renting apartments and houses, and our first Airbnb stay, a small house in Ajijic Mexico on the shore of Lake Chapala high in the Sierra del Tigre mountains.  Our first airbnb has been so good that we extended our stay for a week.  We’ll report on all of this soon in our Trip Reports.


After driving from Seattle to Santa Fe in June, we spent July in Chihuahua Mexico visiting family and friends.  We had located a monthly rental apartment in Chihuahua; our first long-term rental since we started traveling, and it was great.  A roomy two-bedroom apartment in a quiet neighborhood with WiFi, kitchen and a swimming pool.  It was actually a small complex used by Mexican business people staying in Chihuahua for a week or more and definitely not a tourist place.  My Spanish got a real workout as no one spoke much English, but everyone was real friendly

While in Chihuahua friends from the U.S. came to visit us and we rode the Chihuahua Pacific railroad up into the Copper Canyons with them.  Then we spent a couple days in the Mennonite community of Cuahtemoc, a small city a couple hours away from Chihuahua.  I spent a few nights camping in the Sierra Madre mountains with my brother-in-law Randy; the other gringo in the family.

We’re back traveling now, driving the old Oldsmobile through south-central Mexico, but if we return to Chihuahua in the future we’ll stay again in the Departmentos Mission.  We’ll be posting a trip report on our adventures in Mexico in our CURRENT TRAVELS section under Trip Reports in a few weeks.  


Two months into long term travel is both different and about the same as we imagined.  We don’t miss our previous life as much as we imagined we might and traveling with just a backpack full of clothes is easier than we thought.  Some days we wonder why we decided to travel for so long, and other days we’re are so glad we did.  But overall we are slowly, but inexorably adjusting to life as travelers.  Having unlimited time and no jobs to report to is becoming the norm for us, and we like it.

I’m glad we choose to travel through Spanish-speaking countries first.  Although I speak conversational Spanish, I’m not fluent.  But now that I’m immersed in the language I’m finding it easier and easier to get along and  I don’t even think most of the time now I don’t even think about it when speaking in Spanish.

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