August 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; August 2016:


August was a busy month full of experiences, but as we move along we’ve kept our eye on the future; imagining ourselves climbing through the Andes and sweltering in the Amazon of South America. But traveling through central Mexico was enough to stir anyone’s imagination and we keep discovering new things; about ourselves and the world as we experience more people, places and things.


August travels can be summed up in two words; Road Trip. We drove our 1993 Oldsmobile over 1,500 miles through the tropics, mountains and deserts of south-central Mexico. It took us up rough mountain roads, through narrow cobblestone streets, and across endless miles of hot desert without missing a beat. In fact, so many people were amazed that we were traveling around in our old car that our report on these travels is titled, The Oldsmobile Diaries. Check it out in our CURRENT TRAVELS section under Trip Reports.

We’re in Ecuador now and we finally had to leave our trusty old car behind. We found places in central Mexico that we’ll be going back to (and some we won’t). But that’s what exploring is all about, isn’t it.


Long term traveling is both as we imagined, and not as we imagined. We’ve adopted a routine of moving along, at our own pace, and living out of our backpacks more quickly than I thought we would. And, we’re finding it easier and easier to let go – to not cling to things or places as much as we used to. Letting go of our old car was the most recent lesson of letting go for us. On the other hand, sometimes we get bored, or worried about money, or something like that. We’re discovering that traveling doesn’t set you free from your worries, it just broadens your outlook of yourself and the world, and for us; that’s reward enough.

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