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October 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; October 2016:


Our South American journeys have ended, a little earlier than planned, and now we’re in Mexico City (just in time for the Dias de los Muertos celebration).   We’re resting up and re-supplying in Mexico City (replace some worn-out clothes and our cameras that finally died after their soaking in Hurricane Matthew in Colombia). After a few days in Mexico City we’ll continue on through southern Mexico and Guatemala. Continue reading

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September 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; September 2016:


We’re thinking about our next stop – Peru, but we had quite the adventures in Colombia in September. We’re also looking ahead to our eventual return to Mexico and the U.S., probably through Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

We never could have imagined the experiences we’ve had in September and Colombia has been great; Ecuador not so much. Continue reading

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