September 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; September 2016:


We’re thinking about our next stop – Peru, but we had quite the adventures in Colombia in September. We’re also looking ahead to our eventual return to Mexico and the U.S., probably through Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

We never could have imagined the experiences we’ve had in September and Colombia has been great; Ecuador not so much.


We Left Ecuador in early September for Colombia finding the Ecuador very expensive with bad food and the destinations disappointing. But Colombia has been much better. We spent a day in hectic, polluted Bogota visiting La Candelaria historic center, the Fernando Botero museum and eating ajiaco (vegetable and chicken soup). From there we went to the colonial port city of Cartagena on the tropical Caribbean coast and then to Santa Marta and Tayrona Nationa Park.

The big news is getting stranded in the remote Guajira Peninsula of far north Colombia during Hurricane Matthew. We had signed up for a two-night tour into the desert outback of Guajira, the northernmost point in the South American continent. We left from Santa Marta and traveled deep into the desert by four-wheel drive, and then Hurricane Matthew struck and we were trapped in a Wayu indian village for the next five days with twenty-eight other travelers. With food and water running out we had to organize our own evacuation and arranged for local fishermen to take us in open launches to an industrial port two hours across the open sea from our village. The Caribbean was still rough from the hurricane but we made it without capsizing. All this to be reported in detail in our CURRENT TRAVELS section in a week or two.


We discovered a lot in September. We discovered that we were traveling too slow and booking too long in places we hadn’t been to. Some of them we didn’t like, but felt trapped since we had non-refundable reservations. Now we book just one night everywhere and then stay longer if we like it.

We found that we’ve settled into the rhythm of travel now – we move slower, we relax more, and we worry less. At this point it’s hard to imagine a stable life rather than a nomadic one.

And, we’ve met lots of great people, both other travelers from all over the world and local people as well. The Colombian people in particular are fun and friendly – everywhere.




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