October 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; October 2016:


Our South American journeys have ended, a little earlier than planned, and now we’re in Mexico City (just in time for the Dias de los Muertos celebration).   We’re resting up and re-supplying in Mexico City (replace some worn-out clothes and our cameras that finally died after their soaking in Hurricane Matthew in Colombia). After a few days in Mexico City we’ll continue on through southern Mexico and Guatemala.

We’re already imagining 2017; a North American tour from Alaska to Baja. Sonia wants to visit all fifty- and we’ve got the time.


In October we hiked through Machu Picchu in Peru, went for tango in Buenos Aires Argentina, and cruised through the glaciers and fjords of Patagonian Chile. We made it from the northernmost point in continental South America at Punta Gallinas Colombia to the southernmost point at Cape Horn Chile.

For the rest of 2016 we’ll travel south through Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas), dip into Guatemala to see the Mayan ruins at Tikal and the colonial city of Antigua, and then work our way back north up the Caribbean coast to snorkel the Chincorro Banks (largest reefs outside of Australia). We plan to be in Yucatan Peninsula by early December (Chetumal, Isla Mujeres, Holbox) and from there we’ll go to Chihuahua with Sonia’s family for the holidays.


We’ve discovered a lot in October; abut traveling and about ourselves. First, it seems we’ve become nomads. Not sure when that happened, but now, despite the rigors of constant travel and occasionally missing a permanent home base, we can’t imagine where or when we would settle down.

Secondly, our swing through South America has taught us a lot. We traveled too slow in some places, too fast in others. We wasted too much time and money staying in places, even whole countries, that we didn’t really like which left us less resources for places we really liked.

Thirdly, we found that DIY (Do IT Yourself) travel isn’t necessarily the best, or even the most economical way to go. We found in some places that we actually spent less money and had a better time taking local tours than struggling with figuring out everything on our own.

We’ll apply those lessons as we move on; first through North America and eventually through SE Asia, Western Europe and the Balkans, and beyond.

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  1. Next year, plan on being in US on August 21 for the “Great American Eclipse” (which can only be seen in America). The path of totality will arc across 9 states and 2,500 miles in 90 minutes.

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