March 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; March 2017


Last year we traveled through South America and Mexico with carry on size backpacks and staying in airb&b apartments. This year we’ve traded the backpacks in for a pickup truck and a fifth wheel trailer. A BIG pickup truck and a twenty-seven foot fifth wheel trailer; luxurious after coming out of our small packs.

We’ve found that the world is so big that it’s overwhelming at times and deciding what to do next can be challenging . But we decided to stick with our original plan; traveling to Alaska then south again, following good weather as we return along the Pacific coast of Canada and the United States into Baja California, Mexico. Or at least that’s today’s plan.


Last year was great, discovering South America and more of Mexico. At times it was difficult or uncomfortable, but as a friend recently said, traveling is the best way to spend your money. So we’ll continue traveling, in more comfort now with a trailer home, but one that allows us to access remote areas which we love to explore.


We are constantly discovering new things about the world and ourselves as we enter our second year of nomadic travel.   At times I miss the security and comfort of a home base while Sonia is much more comfortable without it.   We realize we will eventually settle down again and as we travel we’ll investigate places we may be interested in re-establishing a home. But, there’s no schedule for doing that.

I’ve discovered that I tend to focus on the future, or even the past at times, which distracts from fully living the present while Sonia is grounded in the present.  We balance each other out.  But overall it’s a grand adventure to be loose in the world and being nomadic is becoming the new normal for us.  And that is exciting.

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