April 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; April 2017


Last year we traveled through South America and Mexico with carry on size backpacks; staying in airb&b apartments and small hotels. You can read about those adventures in our Trip Reports section. But, our plan was to re-group when we returned from South America to decide what to do next. If we liked traveling in our backpacks we’d continue, probably to Turkey, Greece and the Balkans. If we were tired of backpacking we could buy a recreational vehicle (RV) and tour through North America (Canada, U.S. & Mexico). If we were tired of traveling altogether we could settle back down again, either in the Seattle area or in the American Southwest or in Mexico.

So, when we arrived back in Mexico from South America in December 2016 we rented a comfortable apartment in Chihuahua Mexico near family and friends and settled in to decide – what’s next?   After many weeks of consideration and research we decided we wanted to continue traveling, but in the comfort of a RV; an RV small enough and tough enough to get us into the wildernesses of North America. For us the whole point is to get deep into the outback.


Last year was great; discovering South America and more of Mexico. At times it was difficult or uncomfortable, but as a friend recently said, traveling is the best way to spend your money. Since then we’ve started traveling in our RV which consists of a giant one-ton Dodge Ram pickup truck towing a 28-foot long Fox Mountain fifth wheel trailer (built on an off-road frame and equipped for accessing remote areas). Though the trailer is small by fifth-wheel standards, it’s luxurious to us and we’ve quickly adapted to towing it (and more importantly, backing it up) while we learn how to operate all the electrical and propane gas systems. We’ll be writing soon about how and why we invested in this particular RV combination and all the intricacies of traveling in it.


We are constantly discovering new things about the world and ourselves as we enter our second year of nomadic travel.   At times I miss the security and comfort of a home base while Sonia is much more comfortable without it. I discovered how much I focus on the future, or even the past, which distracts from fully living the present while Sonia is much more grounded in that way.

We realize that we will eventually settle down again and as we travel we’ll investigate places where we may be interested in re-establishing a home. But, there’s no schedule for doing that and now we’re more focused on exploring the outback of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It could be years before we own a home again.

But the biggest discovery we’ve made is what a grand adventure it is to be loose in the world; unhitched from any particular place with the whole world as our backdrop. Being nomadic is becoming the new normal for us, and that is exciting.

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