May 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; May 2017:


Although we avoid having a strict itinerary, we’re finding that the easiest way to travel is to plan-out our destinations in two-week segments. We already got stuck in one place we didn’t want to be due to lack of planning.  So, we’ve developed an overall plan for the summer, but we’ll plan it out in more detail in two-week segments. 

Overall; we’ll drift down the Pacific coast of Oregon into California and the Napa Valley. Then we’ll cross over the Sierra Nevada Mountains through or near Yosemite National Park and return north into the remote outback of southeastern Oregon on small highways and back roads. Eventually we plan to hit Yellowstone National Park (in September) and Baja California (in November). The rest we’ll fill in as we go.

And so the adventure begins.


May was Travel Oregon Month. Starting in the mountains of northeastern Oregon we moved from the snow into the warm sun through the Columbia River Gorge. Then we traveled to the cool, foggy coast at the nice small city of Astoria, Oregon.

We’ve biked and hiked along the way finding outrageously beautiful places as we go. We visited old friends and made some new ones. We’re finding our small fifth wheel trailer to be comfortable and we’re glad we have a small (28-foot) trailer that allows us to get into tight places. And, we’re finding this nomadic life-style fits us well.

You can read the detailed reports of our travels through Oregon in our section, CURRENT TRAVELS.


Living full time in a RV is a lot of work. That’s been our big discovery for May. There’s always something to fix or maintain and for such a small space it seems to take as much time to clean it as it did our house. We took services like water, sewer, heat and power for granted when we were living in a house – just flip a switch or turn on a faucet and the utilities are there. In the trailer you have to be much more responsible and aware. if you forget to fill your propane tanks, you have no heat, no stove, no refrigerator and, in our case, no fuel to operate the generator.

But with that responsibility comes a kind of satisfaction that you are taking care of yourself, and a freedom that you aren’t depending on someone else to provide for you. And besides, when I remember the maintenance of our house, it isn’t that much more work and look at what we get in return – an ever-changing patio that we can move from if we don’t like the neighbors or are ready for something new.

Now that’s a pretty good deal.


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