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California’s Gold Rush Country; July 2017

After enjoying the pastoral wine country of Sonoma Valley we drove across the Central Valley and its endless fields of corn and climbed into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This is gold rush country; the old wild west. Continue reading

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California’s Wine Country

After leaving California’s cool, foggy redwood coast, we wound our way along narrow country roads to our new home in California’s sunny wine country; Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Just outside of Santa Rosa in the heart Sonoma County’s wine country, we couldn’t have picked a better place. Continue reading

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California’s Redwood Country

The first thing we discovered about northern California’s Redwood Country is that it isn’t all about giant redwood trees. Yes, the ancient redwood forests of northern California are incredible and standing next to a living thing that’s 2,000 years old, taller than a thirty-five story building and over forty feet in circumference stretches the mind’s ability to comprehend. But there’s more than even that in Redwood Country – much more. Continue reading

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June 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; June 2017:


The more we travel, the more our imaginations are stimulated and we find ourselves moving slower and slower, savoring each place we land.  Sometimes we get tired of the inconveniences of constant travel.  But then, a misty morning in a mountain meadow or an unexpected view around a turn in the road re-invigorates us and we think about all the spectacular places yet to see. Continue reading

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