June 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; June 2017:


The more we travel, the more our imaginations are stimulated and we find ourselves moving slower and slower, savoring each place we land.  Sometimes we get tired of the inconveniences of constant travel.  But then, a misty morning in a mountain meadow or an unexpected view around a turn in the road re-invigorates us and we think about all the spectacular places yet to see.


Summer’s here. We’ve stowed away the goose down jackets and boots and brought out the shorts and sandals. Starting off in northeastern Oregon in April, we’ve made it down the Oregon Coast, into California’s redwood country, and spent the last part of June on a mountaintop in the sunny wine country of California’s Sonoma County (See our posts in CURRENT TRAVELS from the main menu).

We froze in Oregon, sweated in California, and ripped a hole in side of the trailer on a concrete post along the way (thank god for duct tape). But, we’ve learned how to maneuver our twenty-eight foot fifth wheel trailer into some really tight spots and camped in some beautiful, off-the-beaten-track places.

From here; on to the Sierra Nevada mountains and then into northward into the outback of southeastern Oregon’s high desert country, one of the most remote places in the conterminous United States. After that, we aren’t sure. We’ve become nomads.


Travel brings unique insights, personally and socially. For the first couple of months I wasn’t too sure about traveling and living full-time in our twenty-eight foot fifth wheel trailer. Sonia loved it from the beginning and now, so do I. It took me longer to adjust to the minor inconveniences of constantly moving, but now we’ve settled onto a rhythm and everything is easier.

Now, our biggest challenge is simply planning our next move. We found that we have to plan out at least the next two weeks or so rather than just “winging-it.” Wandering around looking for a place to stay isn’t any fun and due to lack of planning we’ve had to resort to staying in private RV parks a couple times during heavy travel times like the Memorial Day holiday. No more! Now we plan our “move days” during the week to avoid weekend crowds and stay in state or county parks. As we move into more open country we’ll be “boondocking” on federal public lands (camping in the outback outside of established campgrounds). That was our original plan to begin with.

We’re learning, and learning fast. Repairing and maintaining the trailer as we go (there’s always something to fix). Finding the limits of where we can go with out truck and trailer combination. And getting along with each other while living in tight quarters. We’ve made our mistakes and had our fights, but it’s all been worth it and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon.


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