September 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter: September 2017


The more places we go, the more we want to see. North America: Mexico, Central America, United States and Canada.   It’s such a vast place we could spend the rest of our lives exploring it. There’s everything from frozen tundra to tropical rain forests. Oceans, deserts, mountains and canyons along with world-class cities and quirky small towns mixed in. Since starting to travel in a fifth-wheel trailer in spring, we’ve just scratched the surface. And now, we can’t imagine slowing down.


We haven’t posted a monthly report since June. On the road internet service is sketchy and, to be honest, we’ve been real busy. There’s been mountains to hike, lakes to kayak in, desert canyons to explore, funky little towns to see.

Since June, we’ve traveled thousands of miles; drifting south through the redwood coast of California, over to the magnificent eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, and back north through the outback of the high deserts in far southeastern Oregon. Then we headed eastward to the Rocky Mountains until we were snowed out of Yellowstone National Park in mid-September and started heading south. Now we’re holed up in a beautiful campground in the high desert outside of Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah. You can read detailed reports on all of this in our CURRENT TRAVELS section.

From here we’ll spend October in southern Utah, then into Arizona, and finally winter in Baja California Mexico. After that – who knows.


The biggest discovery, for me at least, has been transitioning into full-time traveling. For the first few months I sorely missed a home base – a place to call home. We’d visit friends and I’d envy their comfortable homes and all the things they had.

But then, in the last couple months, Sonia and I “tuned in” to the full-time traveling lifestyle. We’ve made our fifth wheel trailer into a comfortable home. Setting up the trailer, towing it, and finding places to stay has become routine, so that stress is gone. We don’t have many belongings in the trailer, but we have what we need and we’re very comfortable. Replacing the stress is a sense of constant wonder of the places and people we find along the way.

Now, we are vagabonds, nomads, travelers. We’re comfortable with it, and that opens us up to the people and places we’re seeing and meeting. We still plan on establishing a “home base” somewhere; Tucson Arizona maybe. Or, Anacortes Washington perhaps. But the urgency to do that is gone. To tell you the truth, at this point, I don’t know if we can stop traveling, . . . at least not now.

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