October 2017; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; October 2017:


We’ve seen a lot, but there’s a lot more to see. That’s what captures our imagination now. We’ve hiked through remote red rock canyons in Utah, froze in the snowy Rocky Mountains, and marveled at the dramatic coastline of Oregon. North America is fantastic, and we can’t wait to see more of it.


October’s travels can be summed up in one word – Utah! Southern Utah to be exact. Although we started in the northeast corner at Dinosaur National Monument, we quickly dropped into the red rock canyonlands of southern Utah, sweeping south through Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, then along The Trail of the Ancients near along the Colorado border and then west into the remote deserts of the San Rafael Swell, a massive uplift of multi-colored rock with slot canyons and ancient petroglyphs.

Continuing west we camped in the outback of the Grand Staircase National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park, then on to Bryce and Zion National Parks. Each place seems more spectacular than the last. It’s been quite a ride; there’s nothing quite like southern Utah.


Traveling has become the normal for us. That’s what we discovered in October. Setting up camp in remote areas far from anyone else is routine now. In fact, we get nervous when we enter even a little town – too many people, too much traffic.

A high degree of self-sufficiency is needed for this kind of life. Fixing things in the outback, figuring out where to stay, and more importantly, where not to stay. Moving through people, places and things has become the norm for us now. Yet still, we consider establishing a home base somewhere. Somewhere we can return to when we get tired, . . .and we do get tired, . . . but where that is – we don’t know.

So, until we figure that out, we’ll keep moving on.

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