November 2017; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; November 2017


We’ve landed in Tucson Arizona for the holidays, but already thinking about our next move. After New Years we’ll put our truck and trailer in storage, dig out our backpacks, and head for Baja California Mexico, staying in Air BnBs, kayaking with the whales, and exploring the mountains of the Vizcaino preserve in the middle of the Baja California Peninsula. After that we have business to take care of in Chihuahua Mexico before we return to Tucson, pick up our trailer, and migrate north through Utah, California and Oregon to spend the summer in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State. At least that’s the plan for now.


After traveling for the past year and a half (2016 backpacking through South America, 2017 exploring the western United States in a RV), we’ve set our trailer up in a funky RV park in Tucson Arizona for the holidays – we’re stationary for awhile. It seems strange to be stationary. We have neighbors for the first time in many months and the days drift by, one after another, with no hurry to do anything. It’s relaxing, but we miss our remote camps far out in the outback. Still, there’s a lot to see and do around Tucson and we’re enjoying it.


Our big discovery for November is that we aren’t as adventurous as we thought we were. Many of our friends and family thought we were brave, crazy, or both when we sold off our home, cars and almost everything we owned to travel around the world, no end in sight.

But, here in the off-beat RV park in Tucson, we’ve met lots of people far more adventurous than us. These folks aren’t rich, or young, but they’ve done some incredible things. Most are in their sixties and seventies, some in their forties or fifties, a few in their eighties. Most have been living and traveling in RVs for five, seven, ten years or more while others are “newbies” like us having started traveling by RV in just the past year. One couple sailed around the world for four years in a 46-foot sailboat then started living in a 42-foot trailer for the past three years. Many don’t own property anywhere while others have a “home base” somewhere to travel from.

But all have some things in common; They don’t plan to stop traveling anytime soon, they’re happy, they enjoy a good time, they’re active, and they’re open-minded. We’re discovering the meaning of Mark Twain’s quote; “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” We’ve already learned a lot from these veterans and they’ve helped reinvigorate our nomadic plans. I guess we’ll just keep moving on.

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