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January 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; January 2018:


We spent January imagining where to go in 2018 and came up with this: We stored our truck and trailer in Tucson Arizona, so from January through March we’ll travel through Chihuahua and Baja California Mexico with our backpacks. Then it’s off to New Jersey for a long overdue visit with family there. By the end of March we’ll fly back to Tucson, stow away our backpacks, and pick up our truck and trailer from storage. From April through July we’ll be slowly migrating back north through Utah, Nevada and Oregon to summer along the Puget Sound in Washington State. After that the plans get hazy, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out by fall.   Continue reading

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Follow this link to our 2017 travel route in umap;   2017 Route Map

Once in the map you can click on the blue location icons to open a drop-down dialogue box that gives the dates we were there, the specific location, and the title of the blog post where you can read about the area in detail (most blog posts are under CURRENT TRAVELS 2017).  You can zoom in to see the specific roads we took, or zoom out to see the general area.  Since umap doesn’t have a means to indicate the route’s direction, the map may appear confusing at first.  So, here’s the direction we traveled for reference:

Starting in the Seattle area in March we moved to eastern Oregon, then west to the Oregon coast.  Throughout spring we traveled south along the Oregon and California coasts into California’s wine country.  In summer we traveled eastward over the Sierra Nevada and back north into eastern Oregon.  By early September we turned east again to Yellowstone National Park and, as the snow flew in mid-September, we turned directly south through Utah and ended up in Tucson Arizona in mid-November.

OK, that’s it.  Our 2018 reports will be coming in soon and posted under CURRENT TRAVELS; Travels 2018.

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TUCSON; Dec 2017

After traveling 20,000 miles through Oregon, California, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah we landed in Tucson Arizona. We reserved a spot in a RV Park outside of town, unhooked our truck from the trailer, lowered the trailer’s landing gear, and became stationary for the first time all year. Continue reading

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December 2017; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; December 2017


We spent December in Tucson Arizona, in a friendly, funky RV park. Here we did some long overdue maintenance on the truck and trailer and planned out our travels for 2018. It’s going to be a busy year. We’ll store our trailer in the RV park and go to Mexico from mid-January through Mid-March, first taking care of some business in Chihuahua before flying to Baja California to snorkel and kayak with the whales in the Sea of Cortez. We’ll fly back to visit family in New Jersey before returning to Tucson to pick up our truck and trailer and start migrating northward through Utah, eastern Oregon and summer along Puget Sound in Washington State. Continue reading

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