January 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; January 2018:


We spent January imagining where to go in 2018 and came up with this: We stored our truck and trailer in Tucson Arizona, so from January through March we’ll travel through Chihuahua and Baja California Mexico with our backpacks. Then it’s off to New Jersey for a long overdue visit with family there. By the end of March we’ll fly back to Tucson, stow away our backpacks, and pick up our truck and trailer from storage. From April through July we’ll be slowly migrating back north through Utah, Nevada and Oregon to summer along the Puget Sound in Washington State. After that the plans get hazy, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out by fall.  


We spent the first half of January finishing up a two-month stay at Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson Arizona. Then we stored the truck and trailer in Tucson, drug out our backpacks, and flew off to Chihuahua Mexico where we are now. It’s cold in Chihuahua with freezing nights and cool, sunny days. But, it’s good to see family and friends in Chihuahua again. Still, we can’t wait to get to Baja in February to snorkel and kayak in the Sea of Cortez.


We still love traveling, but spending the past year in our truck and trailer taught us that we enjoy a little comfort too. Now that we’re back in our backpacks for a couple months we find that we seek out more comfortable accommodations then we did before. Getting older I guess, but now we’re less likely to stay in rustic huts, camps and cabins and go more for comfortable Air BnB apartments. We still get off the beaten track; into the remote areas and wilderness. But, a little comfort goes a long way with us nowadays.

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