Chihuahua Mexico; Jan – Feb 2018

In mid-January we stored our truck and trailer in Tucson Arizona, packed our travel packs, and flew out to El Paso Texas. From there we bussed it down to Chihuahua Mexico.

In Chihuahua we had friends and family to visit as well as business to take care of. Among other things, I was applying for my Temporary Residency visa; a Mexican credential similar to the U.S. green card that, among other benefits, allows me to enter Mexico as often as I like and stay for as long as I want.

NOTE: Chihuahua is the capitol city of the Mexican state of the same name. The state of Chihuahua borders Texas, but the capitol city is 230 miles south of the border and set in the high deserts of central Mexico. It’s a large, industrial city and not a usual tourist stop except that it is the eastern terminus of the famous Copper Canyon Express, the passenger train that crosses over the Sierra Madre mountains to the west coast of Mexico. This is the land of Pancho Villa, the indigenous Tarahumara people, vast deserts, and the deepest canyons in North America. Chihuahua played a central role in both the Mexican War of Independence from Spain in 1810 and the Mexican Revolution of 1910 from which the modern democratic country of Mexico was borne. And yes, the famous miniature dog is named after the Mexican state of same name; Chihuahua.

Sonia’s sister, Sagrario, and brother-in-law Randy graciously prepared their office for us to stay in; a large, old adobe house in central Chihuahua. This was perfect since we could walk to most of the places we needed to get to. We stocked the office with food and settled in for the month.

We spent our time in Chihuahua taking local tours, visiting family, and going out to events around town. We saw a production of Caligula by a local theater company (surprisingly good) and took tours of the city including a Mexican Revolution tour with actors playing the parts of prominent historical figures, and then an evening “cantina” tour.

One of my favorite tour stops was the governor’s palace with its gigantic murals including a portrait of past president Benito Juarez alongside Abraham Lincoln and South America’s Simon Bolivar. All three were contemporaries and considered visionary leaders for the common man in the late 1800’s.

Meanwhile a small flock of fat, green parrots made daily visits to the pecan tree behind our “home.” I took a three-day trip into the Sierra Madre mountains with brother-in-law Randy, hiking deep into the Copper Canyons, while Sonia caught up with friends in Chihuahua.

The days blended into each other and we lost track of time. By early February I received my Temporary Resident visa. Then, suddenly, mid-February arrived and it was time to fly out to Baja California.

It was good to be traveling again, but hard to say goodbye to friends and family, especially Sagrario and Randy. We certainly had a good time in Chihuahua, but now it’s on to Baja California to kayak and snorkel with the whales. That story will be in our next report.

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