February 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; February 2018


We are on an exploration trip of Baja California – to investigate some of the more remote areas and the possibility of establishing a home base somewhere along the Sea of Cortez. Although we have a general idea where we’re heading, we’re planning our travels on the fly. We change course as our imagination gets caught by new things we that we discover along the way. Still, the overall priorities for Baja are whales, beaches and mountains. So, we focus on those things while we wander around the deserts and beaches along the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) and then down the Pacific coast.


We spent the first half of February in Chihuahua Mexico visiting friends and family, and the second half in La Paz, the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. We flew into San Jose del Cabo where we rented a car and drove straight away to La Paz. In La Paz we kayaked through mangroves, snorkeled with whale sharks, and swam off remote beaches. We’ve eaten seafood until we’re stuffed. In March we’ll travel northward to the Vizcaino preserve, a million acres of desert mountains and remote shorelines straddling the center of the Baja Peninsula from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). Finally, we’ll return southward to San Jose del Cabo to turn in our rental car and fly out. We’ll be reporting our travels through Baja in our CURRENT TRAVELS section soon.


After two years of traveling, we’ve gotten used to this nomadic lifestyle. But, we’ve discovered that traveling too fast tires us out, so we’re slowing down in 2018. We’re still traveling long distances, this year from the deserts of Arizona to the Puget Sound of Washington State and back. But, we’ll be going to fewer destinations along the way and staying at each for longer periods of time. That way we can explore them more thoroughly and, relax!

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