June 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; June 2018


We’re already thinking about our travels for the rest of the year. With our reservations set for summer in parks along Puget Sound we’ve started thinking about where and how to return south in the fall. There are so many choices it’s almost overwhelming. Should we drift down the Pacific coast of Oregon, or follow the continental divide south through the Rocky Mountains? Or, maybe just return the way we came through eastern Oregon and Nevada. We feel very humble and happy to have these choices in our lives.


June was all about returning to the familiar. We drifted northward from Utah through remote eastern Nevada and Oregon (see our posts Far Eastern Nevada and Far Eastern Oregon in our CURRENT TRAVELS 2018 section). Now we’ve returned to places we’ve been to before and visiting friends along the way. We stayed in places we love, like the Wallowa Valley of northeastern Oregon and the Methow Valley in eastern Washington State. After a year of traveling around the western United States we can see with fresh eyes how magnificently beautiful these places are. America’s public lands are unique in the world and one of our finest national treasures. We finished the month with a five-day trip into British Columbia, Canada to see our friends John & Donna. It was a good month, seeing old friends and new.


Traveling continues to open our eyes and minds as nothing else can. With all the anger and division in our country today, through travel we see that the majority of American people aren’t the way our politicians try to portray them. As a country we’re in a dark place. But, as a people, there’s still hope that we can rise above the hate and ignorance that our current political leadership celebrates.

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