August 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; August 2018:


We’re thinking about winter; where to spend it. Arizona? Utah? Mexico? Each has its advantages, but since we need to be in Mexico by late December anyway, maybe just stay and explore more of the Mexican Caribbean. But then we have reservations to stay in Tucson Arizona too. And southern Utah in winter – beautiful. Ah, what choices. One thing we’ve learned; it’ll become clear as we travel on.


In late August we finished up our stay in Anacortes Washington with a bang; mountain biking, hiking, sea kayaking, going to local concerts. From there Bob went backpacking in the mountains of the Eagle Cap Wilderness while Sonia went to Santa Fe to visit our good friends, Betty and Jaime. Reunited, we’re heading for the Wallowa Valley in northeastern Oregon to spend September before drifting south. It’s been quite a year.


We continue to learn more about ourselves and the world as we travel and meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. And, being a bit disconnected from the daily drumbeat of news, we can see how disconnected the news is from us. After months of no TV, no radio, a bit of internet, it’s amazing the garbage that’s passed off as news and how manipulative media is. It’s been refreshing to be a bit disconnected. I think we’ll keep it that way.

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