October 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; October 2018


Our goal for October was to check out some rural areas outside of Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico as a possible place to establish a home base. As much as we love traveling, we miss having a home base to return to, so we’re looking. So far, the runners-up are small acreage lots in rural areas outside of St George Utah or on the east side of the Sandia Mountains outside of Albuquerque. We’ll know which by the end of November. We’re already imagining the house we’ll build.


Besides looking for a home base, we’re still enjoying traveling through places we’ve never been before and returning to places we love. In October we drifted through the canyonlands of southern Utah, then dipped into the corners of Arizona and Colorado before landing in Bernalillo, a small city north of Albuquerque New Mexico. Along the way we toured through Monument Valley, the Goosenecks of the San Juan River, Navajo National Monument, Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde National Park. All of these places are magnificent, every one worth visiting, and you can read about them in our reports under Travels 2018.


Even after living in the American west for fifty years, we’re still constantly amazed at the beauty and open space of our federal public lands. There’s nowhere else on earth like our federal public lands with their national forests, national parks, national monuments, and wilderness areas. These are places where anyone can travel freely through the forests, canyons, deserts and mountains on lands that belong to us all; through lands not locked up behind “private property” and “no trespassing” signs. But our current Congress and president are working overtime to shrink our national monuments, sell off our public lands, and open our national parks to mining, logging and oil drilling. If we allow this to happen, we’ll have lost one of America’s greatest treasures – forever.

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