November 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; November 2018


November was all about Tucson Arizona and, Thanksgiving of course.  But the big news was that we became landowners.  Our offer for a small acreage lot in the mountains outside of Albuquerque New Mexico was accepted, so now we’re planning the house we’ll eventually build there.  Meanwhile, we’re enjoying visiting with old friends and making new ones in our winter camp at Desert Trails RV Park outside of Tucson.  Our old friends Laura and Casey from Washington State were also spending November in Tucson and we had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving together in our RV park.


Traveling in November was local; exploring more of the Tucson area. We’re still amazed at how lush the saguaro desert is.  The place is a giant cactus garden and full of wildlife.  Great horned owls serenade us each night while coyotes call out from the surrounding desert.  I particularly like the miles of mountain biking trails stretching into the desert for miles around.


We still love traveling, but we long for a home base to travel from.  Now that we have a place to build, we feel relieved that the search is over.  Even though we won’t build for another year or so, we feel freed up to concentrate on our travels in 2019; Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and then back to the Southwestern U.S.

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2 thoughts on “November 2018; Monthly Report

  1. Su Carey

    congrats on the lot purchase, now the fun begins. Are you going to be doing most of the building?

    • Thanks Su. Yep, I’ll be the General for the job – subcontracting most of it out. My tool-belt must’ve shrunk over the years- fits kinda tight nowadays.

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