Tucson; November – December 2018

We finished up 2018 by moving into our winter residence on November 1st. We returned to Desert Trails RV Park outside of Tucson, Arizona where we had wintered last year and immediately ran into friends we met there before and made some new ones.

Traveling throughout 2018 was great, but it was good to set up our trailer semi-permanently for a while. For the first few weeks we just lounged at our campsite before starting to get more active again. We were tired.

We soon found our rhythm, settling into a routine of taking morning hikes into the surrounding desert while I started riding my mountain bike through the saguaro cactus forests of Tucson Mountain Park. We attended events sponsored by the RV park owners in the recreation hall hearing some great musicians and going to dances. Our good friends Casey and Laura from Washington State were staying in another RV park in Tucson and we shared a nice, quiet Thanksgiving with them at our trailer.

By December we were more rested and started taking longer hikes into the desert mountains; Madera Canyon, Wasson Peak, Golden Gate Mountain. I re-connected with other musicians in the park and we started weekly jams together. We spent a quiet Christmas at our trailer feasting on a turkey breast and cranberry sauce.

And the day-to-day living was relaxed with a pair of great horned owls hooting us to sleep at night while coyotes sang from the desert nearby. One day a tremendous blast of lightning struck fifty yards behind our trailer rattling our windows and setting a palm tree on fire; big excitement for the RV park.

As 2018 came to a close it turned cold, much colder than last year. We spent New Year’s Eve dancing the night away to an excellent rock band the park’s recreation hall while a freezing rain fell outside. A few days later it snowed in the desert, so we drove out to Saguaro National Park to see the spectacle of the desert covered in white.

We’ll stay here until March 1st, but already have plans for 2019. In March we’ll make a loop to the Valley of Fire in Nevada and circle back to Albuquerque New Mexico before migrating north to summer along Puget Sound. But until then, there’s a lot more to see and do in Tucson.

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