June, July, August Monthly Report; 2019

Monthly Report; June, July, August, 2019


Unfortunately, when we arrived at Anacortes I had to undergo a hernia operation and had some other medical issues. That caused us to completely revise our travel plans and we spent more time with doctors than we wanted to. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and we didn’t see this one coming.


We were stationary during July, August and September at Pioneer Trails RV park outside of Anacortes Washington while I recovered.  Still we got out to local concerts and a few short hikes.  Anacortes is really a special place, but the whole west side of Washington State has become amazingly crowded since we left just a couple years ago.


I discovered I’ve gotten tired of being mobile, a nomad. Sonia, not as tired as me, but we both want a home base to travel from and that will be our focus for the rest of this year.


This month’s travel quote:

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” – Erol Ozan






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2 thoughts on “June, July, August Monthly Report; 2019

  1. Su Carey

    hope you are well healed by now, and enjoying your path. Sorry we did not get to see you last month as planned, but our guest room is always open.

    • Thanks Su, my biggest disappointment of the year is missing seeing you guys. We’ll make sure we catch up with you time.

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