September 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report: September 2019


We’re imaging the Mexican Caribbean where we’ll spend November before setting up in our winter headquarters in Tucson Arizona. Time to pack the snorkels and fins.


We finished our stay in Anacortes Washington by mid-September and then made a dash south to Tucson. I was under medication and Sonia doesn’t drive the truck with the trailer in tow, so two friends outstanding friends stepped up to heal us out. Casey Ruud drove us from Anacortes to Salt Lake City and Paul Everett drove us from Salt Lake to Tucson. Thanks Case & Paul, we’ll never forget your help. We immediately put the trailer in storage in Tucson and went to Chihuahua Mexico for more medical exams. Thanks to Celina and Sergio, Sonia’s sister and brother in law, for driving us from Tucson to Juarez Mexico, and to Sagrario, Sonia’s youngest sister, for driving us to Chihuahua.


I discovered adventure isn’t always fun or comfortable and sometimes things happen that are totally unplanned for. But, it’s all adventure just the same.

This month’s travel quote:

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” – Seth Godin

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