Bob & Sonia


We’re Bob and Sonia and we love to travel. In fact our love of travel brought us together when we met in Mexico while exploring the Copper Canyons of Chihuahua.

We married in 2004, located near Seattle, Washington USA, and continued to travel as much as possible while holding down career jobs, buying a house – the usual. As Bob entered his 60s and Sonia her 50s we realized our love of travel outweighed our comfortable lifestyle, so we planned for a life of long-term international travel.


We are independent travelers meaning we travel by our own design. Our interests range from touring the world’s famous cities and monuments to exploring the outback and unheard of places. We immerse ourselves in the culture wherever we are while taking time to relax on the beaches, mountains or deserts as we go. We like to eat in local markets and get around in busses, trucks, trains, boats and occasionally in airplanes. We don’t have unlimited funds, but we travel comfortably.

We typically plan a flexible itinerary leaving time to follow leads to lesser known places we discover along the way. We normally stay in mid-range hotels or guest houses, but rough it on treks into the back country and won’t pass up a good deal on a luxury stay now and again. We’ll take advantage of tours when they fit our needs but normally go it on our own. We’re adventurous, but not reckless and we’ve always been rewarded by pushing past our pre-conceived ideas about people, places or things whether traveling through foreign lands or familiar.


Until 2016 we lived in Mukilteo, Washington twenty miles north of Seattle – and what a place to live! With the Cascade Mountains to the east, the Olympic Mountains to the west and Puget Sound running through it all.

But the wanderlust has us and in May of 2016 we quit our jobs, sold our house and hit the road to spend the rest of the year backpacking down the Pacific Coast of South America and back north into Mexico.  In 2017 we bought a pickup truck and fifth-wheel trailer to explore the outback of North America from Alaska to Baja California, and that’s where we are now.   After that – we don’t know; maybe sell the RV and take up our backpacks again this time to Southeast Asia or The Balkans, maybe keep exploring North America in the RV, maybe settle back down (but I don’t think so).

At any rate, we’re now settled into a nomadic life, and we love it.



8 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Chuck Fowler

    It was fun meeting you at Great Basin! Love the blog. Happy trails!
    Marcile Fowler (Basecamper)

    • It was great meeting you too. We got snowed out of Great Basin and now are at Angel Creek camp outside of Wells, NV. Hope to be in the Lamiolle Valley in a few days.

  2. I love your story. You must be soulmates. So blessed. 🙂 I wish I can have something like that… a lifelong partner who will share my wanderlust.

    I love the post you wrote on “Preparing for Long Term Travel” and re-blogged it, too.
    I’m planning to go on a temp retirement in 3 years (tentatively) for maybe a year if I can afford it and go around South America and some Asian countries. I feel that your info is like a one stop shop for me. lol

    Anyway, more power to you both. Safe travels!

    ❤ BP

    • Thanks Namaste, Yep Sonia and I have done a lot of stuff together and we’ll be in South America next week for the rest of 2016. As for retirement, all of our retired friends say do it sooner rather than later – without exception.

    • I’ll be living vicariously through you. Hopefully, I can be Inspired enough to muster courage to travel solo around South America for that long. 🙂

    • Thanks,

      I’m posting the Mexico Road Trip report now. Should be online later tonight as an addition to “CURRENT TRAVELS”

  3. Being able to share these adventures together is so special. Can’t wait hear the story’s of your adventures in the next stage of your lives. Happy discovering

    • Thanks Lilyan, The next stage is coming very soon and we’re excited, a bit scared, but ready to move on and keep “discovering.” We really appreciate hearing from you.

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