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Eastern Washington State and a bit of B.C., June 2018

In early June we left the Wallowa Valley of Eastern Oregon and drove over the Blue Mountains to Kennewick, the major small city in Eastern Washington. We had an appointment there to service our truck, but we have many old friends living there too. Continue reading

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June 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; June 2018


We’re already thinking about our travels for the rest of the year. With our reservations set for summer in parks along Puget Sound we’ve started thinking about where and how to return south in the fall. There are so many choices it’s almost overwhelming. Should we drift down the Pacific coast of Oregon, or follow the continental divide south through the Rocky Mountains? Or, maybe just return the way we came through eastern Oregon and Nevada. We feel very humble and happy to have these choices in our lives. Continue reading

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Far Eastern Oregon; May – June 2018

After spending the first part of May in far eastern Nevada we moved on to far eastern Oregon. We made our way directly to one of our favorite places; Steens Mountain and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This remote southeastern corner of Oregon butts up against southwest corner of Idaho and northern Nevada where all three states come together in a vast open land of wild horses, wild rivers, high desert plateaus, and deep canyons of black volcanic rock. This is Owyhee Canyon country and it’s a long way to anywhere from here. Continue reading

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May 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; May 2018:


We’re excited about two seemingly contrary ideas; traveling on and building a home. We found a homesite in St George Utah, but it won’t be available until fall, so we’re traveling north to spend summer in the Puget Sound of Washington State. But, these two actions are actually compatible since even after we establish ourselves in a home base we’ll continue traveling from there. There’s a lot on our minds and we’re excited about it all. Continue reading

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Far Eastern Nevada; May 2018

We spent April in St George Utah and loved it (see our post, St George Utah, under CURRENT TRAVELS, Travels 2018). But we had plans to travel north, so we reluctantly left our beautiful campsite outside of St George and entered the remote basin and range country of eastern Nevada. This is the great wide-open, the epitome of the old west, a lonely land of vast empty plains punctuated by isolated high peaks still tipped with snow. Continue reading

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St George, Utah; April 2018

After spending winter traveling between Arizona and Mexico we started northward in our 28’ fifth wheel trailer, following spring weather (see trip reports in CURRENT TRAVELS 2017 & 2018).  Our first stop; St George, Utah.  We had business in St George.  We were considering it, or Cedar City sixty miles to the north, as possible places to re-establish a home base from which to continue our travels.  We wanted to buy undeveloped land and build our home base there, the way we want it. Continue reading

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April 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; April 2018


We spent April in St George, Utah. We were checking out St George as a possible place to establish a homestead. After two years of nomadic life we’ve decided we want a home base from which we’d continue travel. And, we found it; over an acre of beautiful land in a rural community outside of St George. Now we’re imagining the house we’ll build there.  Continue reading

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Arizona into Utah; March – April 2018

After two months in Mexico and a quick visit with family in New Jersey we flew back to Tucson where we had our truck and fifth wheel trailer stored. We stowed away our backpacks, recovered our rig from storage, and drove to Gilbert Ray campground in the saguaro cactus desert of Pima County Mountain Park outside of Tucson. Our migration northward had begun. Continue reading

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March 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; March 2018

Imagining: March was Baja California Month (plus a quick stop in New Jersey). Besides snorkeling with whale sharks and eating tons of fresh seafood we were exploring. We wanted to check Baja California out as a possible place to establish a home base or, at least a place we’d return to winter. After two years of nomadic wandering, our main goal in travel this year is to find a base to travel from, and a place to return to. Continue reading

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Baja California Sur; Feb – March, 2018

In mid-February we flew from Chihuahua Mexico to the southernmost tip of Baja California on our favorite Mexican airline, Interjet. We picked up our rental car at the San Jose del Cabo airport and immediately drove two hours north to La Paz, the small capital city of Baja California Sur along the shores of a gigantic bay on the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). There we moved into an air bnb condominium that we’d reserved for the next ten days. Continue reading

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