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December 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report, December 2019


We split December between Tucson and Chihuahua Mexico visiting friends, taking care of business and celebrating Christmas. We’re still deciding our plans for 2020. Build a house? Travel more? Not sure yet but the answer will come. Continue reading

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November Monthly Report; Nov 2019

Monthly Report; November 2019


We’re starting to plan our travels in 2020. A swing through southern Utah in the spring tops the list in time to attend a wedding of a best friend in Spokane Washington. After that we may head to the Rocky Mountains, slowly traveling south to store our trailer and spend winter in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Of course all plans subject to change. Continue reading

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Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Part Two; Nov 2019

In Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula Part One we reported our circumnavigation of the peninsula. This report includes a third member to our party, our friend Aline, who flew in from Paris to join us on our travels. We picked her up at the Cancun airport and, as usual, immediately fled that money pit for laid-back Puerto Morelos just half an hour’s drive away. We checked into the Arrecifes hotel where we had reserved a comfortable two-bedroom suite at $65 per room for the three of us. Exhausted from traveling, we had a delicious seafood dinner and turned in for the night. Continue reading

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Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Part One, Nov 2019

After storing our truck and trailer at Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson Arizona we flew to Cancun on the northeastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. We immediately picked up our rental car ($25/day including damage insurance) and escaped from that tourist trap to the tranquil small city of Valladolid, a two-hour drive to the west. Continue reading

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October 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; October 2019


Our imaginations are caught by our upcoming trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula where we’ll spend most of November. Along the way we’ll meet up with our good friend Aline flying into Cancun from France. We’re planning on lots of fresh seafood, climbing around Mayan ruins, lounging on the beach and snorkeling on the reefs of the Mexican Caribbean. Continue reading

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September 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report: September 2019


We’re imaging the Mexican Caribbean where we’ll spend November before setting up in our winter headquarters in Tucson Arizona. Time to pack the snorkels and fins. Continue reading

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June, July, August Monthly Report; 2019

Monthly Report; June, July, August, 2019


Unfortunately, when we arrived at Anacortes I had to undergo a hernia operation and had some other medical issues. That caused us to completely revise our travel plans and we spent more time with doctors than we wanted to. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and we didn’t see this one coming. Continue reading

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May 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report, May 2019


We’re thinking about our coming year, maybe our last as full-time RVers. We’re looking forward to traveling around the west in our fifth wheel this year, but looking forward to establishing a home base after that. A lot think about. Continue reading

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Albuquerque, Santa Fe and on to Oregon March, May 2019

We decided to spend March and most of May in Albuquerque New Mexico to investigate building a home base on a small acreage rural lot on the opposite side of the Sandia Mountains from Albuquerque; the East Mountains as it is called there. Just a twenty-minute drive around the Sandias would bring us to all the shopping we would need, and forty-five minutes would get us to Santa Fe. The community we bought in seems remote and quiet, adjacent to the Cibola National Forest in an oasis of juniper and pinyon pine forest overlooking the San Pedro and Sandia Mountains. Continue reading

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April 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; April 2019


April focused on establishing a home base on property outside of Albuquerque, east of the Sandia Mountains where we plan to build a modest home in the pinyon/juniper forests on the slopes of the mountain. We finalized our plans with a designer/builder that shares our vision (seems like most people want to build expensive, gigantic palaces nowadays and not many interested in our small house). Now our attention is focusing on moving north for the summer; through the Wallowa Valley of Oregon and into our summer residence along Puget Sound. We’ll build next year, but right now we’re getting itchy feet to be on the move again. Continue reading

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