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Follow this link to our 2017 travel route in umap;   2017 Route Map

Once in the map you can click on the blue location icons to open a drop-down dialogue box that gives the dates we were there, the specific location, and the title of the blog post where you can read about the area in detail (most blog posts are under CURRENT TRAVELS 2017).  You can zoom in to see the specific roads we took, or zoom out to see the general area.  Since umap doesn’t have a means to indicate the route’s direction, the map may appear confusing at first.  So, here’s the direction we traveled for reference:

Starting in the Seattle area in March we moved to eastern Oregon, then west to the Oregon coast.  Throughout spring we traveled south along the Oregon and California coasts into California’s wine country.  In summer we traveled eastward over the Sierra Nevada and back north into eastern Oregon.  By early September we turned east again to Yellowstone National Park and, as the snow flew in mid-September, we turned directly south through Utah and ended up in Tucson Arizona in mid-November.

OK, that’s it.  Our 2018 reports will be coming in soon and posted under CURRENT TRAVELS; Travels 2018.

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TUCSON; Dec 2017

After traveling 20,000 miles through Oregon, California, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah we landed in Tucson Arizona. We reserved a spot in a RV Park outside of town, unhooked our truck from the trailer, lowered the trailer’s landing gear, and became stationary for the first time all year. Continue reading

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Arizona Drift, Nov 2017

After spending October in southern Utah’s red rock canyonlands we headed south, drifting into Arizona. We had a goal here; checking out possible areas to set up a home base. By now we were used to living in our twenty eight foot-long, fifth wheel trailer. But we still wanted to establish a home base to travel from, and return to. There were a few places in Arizona we wanted to check out as home-base possibilities. The first stop, Sedona. Continue reading

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UTAH! Zion & Vermillion Cliffs, Nov 2017

Zion National Park!   We’d been on the road for over six months by the time we reached Zion. The redwoods of California were majestic, Yosemite was stately. Yellowstone was spectacular, Bryce Canyon National Park surreally beautiful. But Zion; well, Zion is simply stupendous. Continue reading

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UTAH! Grand Staircase & Bryce Canyon, Oct 2017

It’s mid-October and time to move from Capitol Reef National Park onward into Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park. So, we packed up our comfortable camp outside of Capitol Reef and followed spectacular highway 12 south into Grand Staircase National Monument. Continue reading

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UTAH! Capitol Reef National Park, Oct. 2017

We had just left our camp in Wildhorse Canyon and were thinking; there couldn’t be anything more spectacular than that. But driving highway 24 from Hanksville to Capitol Reef National Park proved us wrong. The Waterpocket Fold is a massive ridge of broken rock in the middle of Utah, and highway 24 cuts right through it. Now the rock was even more colorful; pinks, purples, reds, blues, yellows and chocolate brown in layers, one on top of the other, or in huge stripes down the mountain faces. Continue reading

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UTAH! Natural Bridges, Wildhorse/Horseshoe Canyons, Goblin Valley, Oct 2017

We’d been in Utah for weeks now. We started in the north at Dinosaur National Monument, then drifted south through Canyonlands and the Trail of the Ancients along the Colorado/Utah border. Now it’s time to head west, into the remote mountains, canyons and deserts of the San Rafael Swell, a massive wall of jagged rock jutting out of the earth and running north to south through the state. Here you’ll find remote slot canyons, hidden gorges, ancient pictographs, mysterious valleys full of strange rock formations, all surrounded by a vast, wild, desert. Continue reading

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UTAH! The Needles and The Trail of the Ancients, Oct 2017

We spent the end of September in a comfortable camp outside of Moab Utah straddled between Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. It was spectacular, but now we were ready for the more remote deserts, canyons and high plains of southeastern Utah.  So, on October 3rd we packed up and moved south, into the outback and The Trail of the Ancients. Continue reading

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UTAH; Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point – Sept 2017

We spent most of September in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. But, by the third week in September, the first major winter storms chased us out of the Rocky Mountains. Tired of shoveling our trailer out of the snow every morning we left Pinedale Wyoming and the wild Wind River Mountains on September 22nd for sunny Utah, or so we hoped. Continue reading

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The Rocky Mountain West; Sept 2017

After resting up at friends’ ranch in Kennewick Washington we drove into northeastern Oregon and one of our favorite places; the Wallowa Mountains. But, before we left Kennewick, we switched our cellular service from AT&T to Verizon and glad we did. Immediately our phone service improved and with Verizon’s jetpack (a small portable router) we could now access the internet using Verizon’s cellular signal even when camping far out in the back country. Continue reading

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