Travels 2018

Tucson; November – December 2018

We finished up 2018 by moving into our winter residence on November 1st. We returned to Desert Trails RV Park outside of Tucson, Arizona where we had wintered last year and immediately ran into friends we met there before and made some new ones. Continue reading

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Santa Fe, Albuquerque & New Mexico – Oct 2018

We spent late September and early October drifting southward from northeast Oregon, through southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, and into New Mexico (see our reports on this journey in Travels 2018). Our destination was Coronado Campground; a small RV park operated by the City of Bernalillo, fifteen miles north of Albuquerque New Mexico. Our goal was to investigate some properties where we might establish a home base. So, we set up in Coronado Campground for the last two weeks of October. Continue reading

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Trail of the Ancestors; October 2018

After a great stay at Goosenecks State Park outside of Mexican Hat Utah we meandered towards New Mexico. On the way we explored some native American ancestral sites like Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona (pronounced “Canyon de Shay”) and Mesa Verde National Park near Durango Colorado. Continue reading

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Oregon into Utah; Oct 2018

Oregon into Utah, September-October 2018:

We left the small Oregon ranching town of Enterprise in the beautiful Wallowa Valley on September 21st. We had reservations in an RV park outside of Albuquerque New Mexico on October 15th. So, we had almost three and half weeks to get from Oregon to New Mexico. Sounds like a road trip to me. Continue reading

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The Wallowa Valley, NE Oregon; September, 2018

We left our comfortable camp on the Puget Sound near Anacortes and headed east, into the canyons and mountains of the Wallowa Valley in the far northeastern corner of Oregon, one of our favorite places on the planet. Continue reading

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Anacortes Washington; August 2018, Part 3

The first of August found us in Pioneer Trails RV Park outside of Anacortes, Washington (Pioneer RV park described in Anacortes, Part 2). And, as we mentioned earlier, the RV park made an excellent base from which to explore Puget Sound, the North Cascade Mountains and Seattle. We took full advantage of it. Continue reading

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Anacortes Washington, July 2018, Part 2

At the end of our two-week limit, we moved from our comfortable camp at Washington Park outside of Anacortes to Pioneer Trails RV Park on the south side of town. Nightly costs at Pioneer Trails are expensive, about $55/night, but the long-term rates are much better. At $800/month, plus $.10 per kWh for electricity, a month-long stay at Pioneer Trails cost us about $27/night; a bargain for western Washington State. Continue reading

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Anacortes Washington, July 2018, Part 1

After spending June in eastern Washington State, we drove through North Cascades National Park to the “west side” and the quaint, seaside town of Anacortes just in time for the Fourth of July. It felt strange to be in the deep, green, fern-covered forests of western Washington after so many months in the open sage lands and pine forests on the eastern side of the state. Continue reading

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Eastern Washington State and a bit of B.C., June 2018

In early June we left the Wallowa Valley of Eastern Oregon and drove over the Blue Mountains to Kennewick, the major small city in Eastern Washington. We had an appointment there to service our truck, but we have many old friends living there too. Continue reading

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Far Eastern Oregon; May – June 2018

After spending the first part of May in far eastern Nevada we moved on to far eastern Oregon. We made our way directly to one of our favorite places; Steens Mountain and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This remote southeastern corner of Oregon butts up against southwest corner of Idaho and northern Nevada where all three states come together in a vast open land of wild horses, wild rivers, high desert plateaus, and deep canyons of black volcanic rock. This is Owyhee Canyon country and it’s a long way to anywhere from here. Continue reading

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