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BY THE NUMBERS; Preparing for Long Term Travel

BY THE NUMBERS; Preparing for Long-Term Travel:

There’s a lot of things you never thought about when planning to travel indefinitely and without a home base instead of going on a three-week vacation.  This post is about how we prepared for long term travel.  Other travelers might take different things or go to different places and the “blogroll” in the sidebar of our home page has links to some excellent travel blogs that describe how they prepared.  But for us, the first step for planning long term travel was making an honest assessment of our travel style and resources. Continue reading

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Packing for the Wilderness

Backpacking, wild camping, wilderness trekking – whatever you call it I mean multi-day hiking and camping trips into the wilderness carrying all the gear, clothes and food you’ll need to survive in a backpack. In the United States, particularly in the western U. S., there are millions of acres of wilderness to explore. This article describes the gear for backpacking in temperate conditions, not winter camping, glacier travel, rock climbing or other activities that require specialized gear and skills beyond those needed for hiking into the wilderness. Continue reading

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Finding the Wild Side of the Pacific Northwest (Beyond the National Parks)

Writer and historian Wallace Stegner called America’s national parks, “the best idea we ever had.” I’d have to agree and most travellers are familiar with names like Yellowstone, Yosemite or the Grand Canyon. America’s national parks are magnificent, all fifty-nine of them, but some of the wildest areas in America are outside of its national parks. Continue reading

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Travelling Light

We used to haul around giant, hard-sided suitcases full of clothes we never used. Even the things we used were bulky and high maintenance (jeans, cotton shirts, bulky shoes and jackets). Sometimes we’d wait hours at airport luggage claims for our baggage while the carry-on crowd went on their way. We’d wrestle our luggage down narrow streets, stumble over them in small rooms, dig through them looking for stuff. Now, whether the trip is for a weekend or a month we pack everything into a carry-on size backpack (less than 50-liter capacity), one each. If it doesn’t fit inside of that it either doesn’t go or we buy it there, and we’ve found we’re happier travelers for it. Continue reading

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