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September 2014 – A Tough Trip Through Paradise; Snowking Mountain

Tough Trip Through Paradise; I borrowed the title of Andrew Garcia’s classic book documenting his travels through the old wild west to describe our backpack trip up to Kindy Ridge, a lonely rocky highland next to glacier-covered Snowking Mountain deep in Washington State’s North Cascade Mountains. You won’t find Kindy Ridge mentioned in many guidebooks or backpacker’s trip reports. Mountaineers know of it as an access route to climb Snowking and the “trail” is an unmarked, unmaintained steep goat track kicked into the mountainside by climbers’ boots. No doubt, it is a tough trip, but it’s paradise once you finally arrive. Continue reading

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June 2014 – Seattle’s Funky Fremont Fair

Funky; adjective \ˈfəŋ-kē\ Eclectic, off-beat or counter-culture event, people or music with an earthy unsophisticated style and feeling.

Seattle is a sophisticated city, but it’s also known for its funky side. Neighborhoods like Georgetown centered by its hippy trailer park, West Seattle’s beach front, Ballard and its street buskers and bars, but the Fremont District; . . . well Fremont must be the funkiest of all with its annual Summer Solstice Street Fair – and we wouldn’t miss it. Continue reading

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Alaska’s Incomparable Tatshenshini

I’d been fascinated with the Tatshenshini River in Alaska ever since I read about it in a National Geographic Magazine years ago. Taking a raft down it is one of those world-class, once in a lifetime trips, like a safari in Africa, or climbing in the Himalayas. It flows 250 miles through the Yukon Territories, British Columbia and finally Alaska before reaching salt water among the fjords and glaciers of Alaska’s fabled Inside Passage. It flows through the largest area of wilderness in the world. There’s no cell phone service, no airplanes overhead, no towns, no roads – just endless forests, glaciated mountains, bears, moose, and wolves. Continue reading

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