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Backpacking Washington State’s Wild Pacific Coast

There are 1,300 miles of Pacific coastline stretching from Mexico to Canada in the states of California, Oregon and Washington. It’s a magnificent coast and gets wilder and wilder the further north you go culminating in the last 73 miles within Olympic National Park where the coast becomes a wilderness with no roads, stores, houses – just eagles, tide pools and remote ocean-side camps. My favorite part is the South Coast Wilderness out of La Push, Washington. It’s hikable all year, but winters are stormy, cold and wet. Continue reading

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July 2014 – A Day in the Mountains – Lake Serene

Lake Serene. If I had just one day to show a visitor the backcountry of the Cascade Mountains, Lake Serene would be near the top of the list. It has everything the Cascades has to offer, yet it’s only a 40-minute drive out of Everett, and Everett itself only 25-minutes north of Seattle. Yep, Lake Serene has everything; except solitude that is. Lake Serene is no secret and it’s best to hike in early to beat the crowds. Continue reading

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Packing for the Wilderness

Backpacking, wild camping, wilderness trekking – whatever you call it I mean multi-day hiking and camping trips into the wilderness carrying all the gear, clothes and food you’ll need to survive in a backpack. In the United States, particularly in the western U. S., there are millions of acres of wilderness to explore. This article describes the gear for backpacking in temperate conditions, not winter camping, glacier travel, rock climbing or other activities that require specialized gear and skills beyond those needed for hiking into the wilderness. Continue reading

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