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Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Part One, Nov 2019

After storing our truck and trailer at Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson Arizona we flew to Cancun on the northeastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. We immediately picked up our rental car ($25/day including damage insurance) and escaped from that tourist trap to the tranquil small city of Valladolid, a two-hour drive to the west. Continue reading

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October 2019; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; October 2019


Our imaginations are caught by our upcoming trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula where we’ll spend most of November. Along the way we’ll meet up with our good friend Aline flying into Cancun from France. We’re planning on lots of fresh seafood, climbing around Mayan ruins, lounging on the beach and snorkeling on the reefs of the Mexican Caribbean. Continue reading

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Chihuahua Mexico and Tucson Arizona: January – February 2019

In the beginning of January we left our truck and trailer at Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson and flew to El Paso Texas. Our nephew Jacobo and his wife Renee met us at the airport with their three year-old daughter, Anita, one of our favorite people on the planet. Then we drove into Juarez Mexico bound for Chihuahua Mexico. We had business to take care of in Chihuahua; visiting friends and family, renewing my Mexican residency visa, and renewing Sonia’s Mexican social security account. Continue reading

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March 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; March 2018

Imagining: March was Baja California Month (plus a quick stop in New Jersey). Besides snorkeling with whale sharks and eating tons of fresh seafood we were exploring. We wanted to check Baja California out as a possible place to establish a home base or, at least a place we’d return to winter. After two years of nomadic wandering, our main goal in travel this year is to find a base to travel from, and a place to return to. Continue reading

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Chihuahua Mexico; Jan – Feb 2018

In mid-January we stored our truck and trailer in Tucson Arizona, packed our travel packs, and flew out to El Paso Texas. From there we bussed it down to Chihuahua Mexico. Continue reading

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January 2018; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; January 2018:


We spent January imagining where to go in 2018 and came up with this: We stored our truck and trailer in Tucson Arizona, so from January through March we’ll travel through Chihuahua and Baja California Mexico with our backpacks. Then it’s off to New Jersey for a long overdue visit with family there. By the end of March we’ll fly back to Tucson, stow away our backpacks, and pick up our truck and trailer from storage. From April through July we’ll be slowly migrating back north through Utah, Nevada and Oregon to summer along the Puget Sound in Washington State. After that the plans get hazy, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out by fall.   Continue reading

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November 2016; Monthly Report

Monthly Report; November 2016:


As 2016 comes to a close we are thinking about 2017. We’ve pretty much decided to focus on North America next year. Alaska to Baja, or something like that. So, after spending Christmas in Chihuahua Mexico we’ll be heading back to Seattle to gear up for 2017 most likely buying a pickup truck and travel trailer to “camp” our way from north to south until – well, until we get tired of doing that. Continue reading

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August 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; August 2016:


August was a busy month full of experiences, but as we move along we’ve kept our eye on the future; imagining ourselves climbing through the Andes and sweltering in the Amazon of South America. But traveling through central Mexico was enough to stir anyone’s imagination and we keep discovering new things; about ourselves and the world as we experience more people, places and things. Continue reading

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July 2016; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter; July 2016


We’re late posting our July monthly report.  Between traveling, intermittent WiFi, access and computer problems we’re just getting back online.  And as for imagining, well; we’re planning our travels to South America and wondering what that will be like.  We’ve discovered Airbnb, a world-wide network of people renting apartments and houses, and our first Airbnb stay, a small house in Ajijic Mexico on the shore of Lake Chapala high in the Sierra del Tigre mountains.  Our first airbnb has been so good that we extended our stay for a week.  We’ll report on all of this soon in our Trip Reports. Continue reading

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Travels 2016

ON THE ROAD: Starting off the Journey, May – June 2016:

After this introduction, our travel posts are arranged chronologically and by distinct parts (Part One; Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Part Two; Western States Road Trip, etc.).  We’ll update this page throughout 2016 with new Parts as we travel through different regions.   But first, our introduction followed by a table of contents so you can scroll down to the posts you’re interested in: Continue reading

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