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September 2017; Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter: September 2017


The more places we go, the more we want to see. North America: Mexico, Central America, United States and Canada.   It’s such a vast place we could spend the rest of our lives exploring it. There’s everything from frozen tundra to tropical rain forests. Oceans, deserts, mountains and canyons along with world-class cities and quirky small towns mixed in. Since starting to travel in a fifth-wheel trailer in spring, we’ve just scratched the surface. And now, we can’t imagine slowing down. Continue reading

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We discussed how and why we got into living full-time in a recreational vehicle (RV) in our post titled, The Hard Start. This article is about the hardware, the RV itself; the equipment needed to live in it, and how we figured out what to buy and why. This article is about The Beast and The Fox. Continue reading

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