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September 2015, Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter, September 2015


We’re continuing to plan for eventual departure in late 2016 or early 2017 on open-ended travel starting in South America, through Central America and ending in Mexico where we’ll re-group and decide what’s next. This trip could take up to a year to do and imagining it brings up conflicting emotions; . . . the comfort of home vs the passion for travel, the security of the familiar vs the risk of the unknown, steady employment vs living off retirement income. But every time we review our plans it comes out the same – the call of the road is strong and we both have a passion for experiencing new cultures, places and things while we’re young and healthy enough to do so. Continue reading

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When Ships Were Made of Wood; Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Spring, Summer and fall in the Pacific Northwest are full of festivals; music from blues to bluegrass, rodeos, pow wows, loggers’ fairs, hippy fairs, salmon bakes and more. But one of the more unique events is the annual Wooden Boat Festival held at the quaint Victorian seaside town of Port Townsend on the northeastern tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Even though we live just a couple hours away we’d never been, so this year we decided to go, and glad we did. Continue reading

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January 2015 – A Day in Seattle

Sometimes on the weekend when we don’t have anything else planned we drive into Seattle, explore a new neighborhood or re-visit one of our favorites. We usually don’t have any specific goal in mind, just explore the city. This dark, January day we decided to go downtown. Continue reading

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January 2015 – Teaching English as a Second Language

Two years ago I started tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL) to immigrants and refugees from around world. Two days a week I volunteer as a tutor working one-on-one with students and also as a teacher’s aide assisting in the regular coursework at our local community college’s adult ESL program outside of Seattle. But why? Continue reading

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December 2014 – Boeing, Seattle and Museum of Flight

Whether an aviation fanatic or not, anyone visiting Seattle should make time for the Boeing Museum of Flight. The museum is a Smithsonian quality place with new exhibits arriving constantly and the collection is impressive covering aviation from the days of handmade wood and fabric airplanes through the space shuttle and everything in between. Continue reading

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October 2014 – Seattle; Historic Flight in Airplane City

Seattle; home to the Space Needle, Puget Sound, Mount Rainier , the Seahawks Super Bowl champions and, . . . airplanes. Continue reading

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September 2014 – Sailing the Salish Sea

Today we will sail into the Salish Sea; the intricate network of deep salt water passages through the islands between Canada and Washington State’s Puget Sound north of Seattle. We’ll travel aboard the wooden sailing ship, Spike Africa, named for the legendary sailing ship captain of the same name. She’s a classic 62-foot schooner, double-masted, sleek, bright and beautiful. We’ll be sailing near San Juan Island, the largest island in the archipelago spread between Canada and Washington State with the snow-capped Cascade Mountains forming the background to the forested islands. Continue reading

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September 2014 – Dia de la Independencia; Viva Mexico!

Sonia was borne in Mexico and I spent much of my childhood there. So, our connections to Mexico are strong and no matter where we are, every September 15th we do something to celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spain. Continue reading

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July 2014 – It’s Legal! The Grand Opening of Recreational Marijuana in Seattle

Legal marijuana.  It still sounds strange. DSC04152
Continue reading

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June 2014 – Seattle’s Funky Fremont Fair

Funky; adjective \ˈfəŋ-kē\ Eclectic, off-beat or counter-culture event, people or music with an earthy unsophisticated style and feeling.

Seattle is a sophisticated city, but it’s also known for its funky side. Neighborhoods like Georgetown centered by its hippy trailer park, West Seattle’s beach front, Ballard and its street buskers and bars, but the Fremont District; . . . well Fremont must be the funkiest of all with its annual Summer Solstice Street Fair – and we wouldn’t miss it. Continue reading

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